Psilocybernetics - Ascension Enigma EP

- Complete tracklist

1. Psilocybernetics - Reverse Engineering (Original Mix)
2. Psilocybernetics - Quasi Crystal Eyes (Original Mix)
3. Psilocybernetics - Psilomega (Original Mix)
4. Psilocybernetics - Interdimensional Saviours (Original Mix)
5. Psilocybernetics - Morning Tide (Original Mix)

Mastered by Manifold.
Cover Art by Nikola Novakovic

- Name and second name of all composer (s)
Nick Baris and Rob Eckhard.
Time to travel upwards. How u gonna do it ?
Known only as Psilocybernetics,
sound well known to higher intel.
Vibrant frequencies that will shake your ground,
making your soul bounce, energetic, but still in harmony.
Difficult to imagine ?
Press play and enjoy, Ascension Enigma.

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Label and Copyright © 2014 TENDANCE MUSIC.